Previous Recipients

2018 – Amanda Garland
(La Trobe University Melbourne Campus)

Amanda is an active leader in both the university and broader communities, who is driven by an innate need to help others, and a passion for human rights and legal literacy. Amanda is a student member of the La Trobe University, Social Work Course Advisory Committee and has held several volunteer roles, including paralegal at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Collingwood. Amanda is a hardworking and studious individual who is dedicated to the social work profession. She consistently achieves outstanding academic results; Amanda exceeded expectations during her recent placement at Eastern Health, where she contributed to organisational research in the area of hoarding. The empathy and compassion Amanda displays in her interactions with both clients and peers, has been influenced by her personal adversities and experience of social inequality. Amanda aspires to complete a Juris Doctor degree, and practice at the macro level – whilst keeping her roots and the community, at the forefront of her mind.

2017 – Stuart Timms
(La Trobe University Bendigo Campus)

Stuart has a keen interest in the mental health field, particularly in youth mental health as he has witnessed the detrimental impact that poor mental health awareness, continuing high rates of stigma and a lack of treatment options can have on young people in his home town of Bendigo. Stuart aspires to work or research in the youth mental health or youth justice field to develop and implement programmes that effectively address the mental health needs of young Australians. Once developed Stuart hopes such programmes can be implemented in schools to tackle the negative stigma still attached to mental health diagnoses and to normalise the various feelings and symptoms experienced by young people. He believes that underlying mental health issues are often a major contributor to problems faced by young people, including, truancy, alcohol and drug use, and criminal behaviour. Stuart is also interested in the disability field. He has a strongly held belief that people with a disability have a right to self-determination and should have greater access to supports that empower people to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Stuart intends to become an advocate for people with a disability, supporting individuals and groups to gain greater access to tailored supports.

2016 – Sarah Langley
(La Trobe University Bendigo Campus)

Sarah developed an awareness and interest in the helping professions at a young age. Her mother worked as a wellbeing and special needs coordinator at a local school which gave Sarah a growing understanding of the complex issues facing some families. Sarah has a passion aimed towards school-based social work and her placement at a Bendigo school was pivotal in helping pursue this goal. She is mindful that mental health and domestic violence are ongoing and increasing issues in our society, and as a result, she would like to work with vulnerable youth in an educational setting to assist in acquiring suitable services to support their developing needs.

2015 – Renee Wilson
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Renee Wilson, a mature age student, from the Bundoora Campus of La Trobe University, School of Social Work and Social Policy is the deserving recipient of the David Jolley Award for 2015. Renee has achieved high academic results and provided invaluable leadership support to her fellow students on placement at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.  During her study at La Trobe she has received consistent feedback about her leadership qualities and is often asked for support and guidance from other students. Renee has also volunteered in a number of capacities such as after school care, food van catering, facilitating education/advocacy talks to health services on the consumer perspective and she is a member of The Choir that supports the Choir of Hard Knocks. Renee is a qualified youth worker and was recently promoted to a lead worker role in her youth outreach position as her leadership qualities and ability to guide were recognised. Renee challenges the status quo and sees this as a critical aspect of social work. She is very committed to social work and is exploring areas for future involvement such as mental health/illness, construction and reduction of stigma, effects of trauma on brain development, advocacy and crisis work.

2014 – Zoe Callaghan & Hannah Silberstein
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Zoe Callaghan (photo left), from the Bundoora Campus of La Trobe University, School of Social Work and Social Policy is the joint recipient of the David Jolley Award for 2014.  Zoe is a mature student, who previously gained a BA in Business Management and Administration, and Sociology at Leeds University in the UK.  She took up a career in marketing and business, before becoming a mother of three.  In the past six years, she has volunteered as a foster carer with Anglicare Box Hill and provided telephone peer support for PANDA (Post & Antenatal Depression Association), before joining the La Trobe Social Work Masters Program.  Zoe has consistently achieved high grades, and is passionate and committed to the field of social work.

Hannah Silberstein (photo right), also received the David Jolley Leadership Award for 2014. Hannah is a 3rd year social work student at La Trobe University at the Bundoora Campus. She has always had a passion for leadership and justice, and has volunteered throughout her life to work with those less fortunate. Whilst at school, Hannah became involved with an organisation called Remar which works with high school students around issues of social justice. After completing high school, she spent a year as a volunteer with Remar, travelling around Australia inspiring high school students to become more aware of social justice issues and how they could support their communities. In her third year of university, Hannah worked with a number of her peers to support first year social work students, as a part of the Student Mentor Program. Hannah has worked hard to achieve high academic results and is committed to being a passionate social worker.

2013 – Rebecca (Bec) Bastion
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Bec Bastion from the Bundoora Campus of La Trobe University School of Social Work and Social Policy is the successful recipient of the David Jolley Award for 2013. Bec is a high achieving student and very committed to social work. She has the skills and qualities of a great social worker who will be successful in any field she chooses to pursue. She also brings to her academic studies and field work, the experience of being part of a large blended family, and growing up in a Victorian country town.

2012 – Jo Lockhart
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Jo is a mature aged student. She is a long-term ‘Volunteer Community Networker’ with the Fitzroy Learning Network which provides support to refugees and asylum seekers and is a previous Victorian AIDS Council volunteer. Jo is an  high achiever academically and was invited to join the Golden  Key International Honours Society on the basis of her consistently high results. She was also a mentor in 2012 as part of the Student Mentor Program for first year social work students. Jo is a most capable, hard-working, reflective and thoughtful student committed to social work values and ethics. Remarkably, Jo had read about the David Jolley Leadership Award and dreamed of receiving it, well before she was nominated and finally became a successful recipient. Image, left to right: Ingrid Jolley (David’s Daughter), Jo Lockhart (Award Recipient) and Liz Lowe (Ingrid’s Mother).

2011 – Sian Thomson
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Sian wanted to achieve well in the course, a goal she consistently fulfilled. She works with newly arrived refugee youth which fuelled her interest in returning to study and completing a qualification in social work. Sian has considerable experience in the management, development and facilitation of youth community development and empowerment programs, that respond to the needs of young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These programs include a culturally appropriate sexual health education program for young African female students, and “Click 2 Connect” which aims to improve the mental health of young newly arrived refugee and migrant students, by strengthening their connections with others and their communities. Sian’s work demonstrates a strong commitment to human rights, social  justice and women’s rights.

2010 – Daniel Newnham
(La Trobe University Bundoora Campus)

Daniel Newnham from the Bundoora Campus of La Trobe University School of Social Work is the successful recipient of the David Jolley Award for 2010. Daniel achieved high level results academically in his third year in the social work course, performed very well in his placements and demonstrates real leadership qualities. Daniel also has experience working in the disability sector.

2009 – Carley White
(La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga Campus)

Carley not only performed extremely well academically, she also has a well developed understanding of social work, and plays a leadership role within the student group, the wider community and her family. Carley is recognised as a role model for younger people, actively participating as a hockey player at a Regional and Victorian team level, as captain of the Riverina team and coach for the under 12s and under 18s.

2008 – Seher Ozonal
(La Trobe University Mildura Campus)

Seher achieved an excellent academic result and took a leadership role with peers. She has participated in community activities since high school including working as a weekly volunteer at the local Turkish school. Seher is the vice president of the ‘La Trobe University Students in Free Enterprise’ through the Faculty of Law and Management. One of her roles as the leader of the HSBC (Hong Kong & Singapore Banking Corporation) initiative has been to develop a project where financial literacy skills are taught to young people in schools. Her placement at Mallee Family Care involved research, exploring perceptions of gambling in culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and the accessibility of support services for those whose first language is not English.  The report was adopted by the organisation as the basis for implementing change. Seher is the inaugural recipient of the David Jolley Leadership Award.